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Java 8 new useful features

New version of Java as Java 8 released by Oracle in March 18, 2014. In java 8 many new features are introduced.

Releasing Java 8, main intention is makes programmer life easy-

  1. Simplify the programming (Readable, maintainable and concise code)
  2. Utilize functional programming benefit in java.
  3. Enable parallel processing in java (To utilize new generation multi-core processors).

So in this article we are going to discuss main and frequently used java 8 new features.

Introduce Java 8 enhancements

In java 8 programming language following given below new useful features are introduced:

  • Lambda expression
  • Functional interfaces
  • Default methods in interface
  • Static methods in interface
  • Pre defined functional interfaces
    • Predicate
    • Function
    • Consumer
  • Method reference and constructor reference by using double colon (::) operator
  • Stream API
  • Date and Time API (JPDA API)

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